Frequently Asked Questions at Future Tan Midtown

For those in search of a better tanning experience, there is a place called Future Tan Midtown. 

Choosing a new tanning salon to patron can sometimes be a daunting task. From confusing contracts, to extended membership requirements, up charges, hidden fees, being forced to purchase separate packages for each machine option, along with the practice of being forced to give your banking credit info.... just to get a good deal (that turns out to not be a good deal at all!) ergggghhhh! All of this has negatively tainted the generally positive outlook of indoor tanning consumers. We hope to remedy that by oftering our clients straightforward, easy to understand, value oriented pricing.

Here are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

 A : We use the most flexible - consumer friendly - point system. Each tanning machine is given a point value ranging from 1 point to 5 points. You can purchase one session at a time, or we have bulk pricing available in point packages. When you purchase a package of points, you can then “spend” them on which ever tanning machine you choose.
 A : No! you purchase your points and that’s it. As long as you have points, you can use any u.v. tanning machine in the salon, no fees, no upcharges.
 A : The simplest answer - for the same reason all automobiles don’t cost the same. No one expects to get a bentley for the price of a kia. But unlike car dealerships, here at future tan midtown you have the option of experiencing all levels of both luxury and speed within each point package if you choose to.
 A : No. You will experience a color change on your skin with or without lotion. However for an optimal tan we do recommend the use of a lotion.
 A : Generally, at least a good quality indoor tanning lotion will help you get more of a color change from your session and will keep your skin moisturized to help slow the natural “sloughing” off of your skin (and your tan!) together that equals tanning less often, saving money and points.
 A : Generally, about 75% of our clients tan with a lotion. Some bring their own, but most purchase a lotion here from us in our salon. We have an extremely wide variety of lotions that basically suit even skin type possible. As our equipment is know to be prestige and top of the line, so are our tanning lotions. We carry all the major name brands and offer generous discounts time to time under our tanning promotions page. Best of all when you buy a lotion at our salon we will store it for you for up to a year at no additional cost. No more carrying huge bottles in your bag!

Why are we different?

Why we're NYC's #1 Tanning Experience...

  • Certified Airbrushing Artists
  • Best Tanning Equipment in NYC
  • Convenient Midtown Location
  • Plush, Ambient Atmosphere
  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
  • Hot VIP Program, Earn FREE Tans