Future Tan Midtown - Use a Tanning Lotion for a Longer Lasting Tan

Why you should use a Tanning Lotion.

You know it.... we all know it. It's why we tan better at our favorite swim-spot or while getting our exercise outdoors, when our skin is dewy,moist, or all - out drenched we always get a darker tan faster than when our skin is dry. Dry skin causes your skin to "slough" easy causing your tan to fade quicker. When you tan with a lotion your skin retains its moisture balance, and therefore you tan lasts longer. Increase the results of each tanning session, slow down the natural sloughing process

Why are we different?

Why we're NYC's #1 Tanning Experience...

  • Certified Airbrushing Artists
  • Best Tanning Equipment in NYC
  • Convenient Midtown Location
  • Plush, Ambient Atmosphere
  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
  • Hot VIP Program, Earn FREE Tans